Benefits of Membership

The Forum of Executive Women Delaware is a peer-to-peer organization, founded in 1992, for women of outstanding experience and ability. After 23 years, the Forum’s current membership continues to reflect the many paths women have to executive level leadership, across multiple generations. The Forum provides women who are, or have been, corporate and not-for-profit executives, business owners, senior professionals and leaders in the public sector with unique opportunities to share space, stories and insight with women of similar talents, strengths and achievements.

Members enjoy the benefits of interesting programs focused on all manner of topics that impact or advance professional women, integrated with fun and social settings. Programs feature dynamic speakers and provocative group discussions among fellow leaders and executives, and friends. The supportive relationships forged through Forum membership are strengthening to ongoing leadership and often inspire bold and creative life and career movements.

Learn About Becoming a Member

Membership Profile of the Forum of Executive Women Delaware

The Forum is a group of women of outstanding experience and ability, reflecting the many paths women have taken to reach their individual leadership levels. Members are corporate executives, business owners, senior professionals, executives of not-for-profit organizations and leaders in the public sector. Members contribute time and expertise to civic, cultural, and professional organizations.

Typical Member Traits
  1. 10 years of professional experience
  2. 5 years of progressive leadership experience
  3. Staff and Budget decision making experience
  4. Ready access to the top of the organization/business
  5. Proven leadership in professional/civic organizations
Membership Categories*
  • Corporate/Partnership
  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Not-for-Profit/Government
  • Executive Volunteer/Philanthropist
  • Emeritus

*Membership Categories are futher defined in the applicant criteria section.

Learn About Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

The Forum of Executive Women Delaware is actively seeking prospective members who fit our membership profile and who wish to perpetuate the spirit of our mission. As a peer-to-peer organization, sponsorship and participation are key aspects of the application process. Before applying, prospective members should attend Forum events as the guest of an existing member. Participation is the best way to see what the Forum is all about and to demonstrate a willingness to engage.   Membership Applications are submitted to the Membership Committee through a sponsoring member, who will also submit a Sponsorship Application.

Pre-requisites for Membership
  • New applicants must be sponsored by a current member in good standing.
  • The sponsor must know the applicant well (suggested for a minimum of 2 years), or the applicant should be otherwise well-known to the Forum community.
  • Applicants are encouraged to attend 2 to 3 Forum meetings as guests, before requesting the sponsor to initiate the application process. A maximum of 3 meetings may be attended as guests.
  • Applicants are required to apply under the appropriate membership category (below) and to meet the criteria listed thereof.
Membership Category and Guidelines:

Below are the general criteria for each membership category. The membership committee and board will evaluate new applications according to a rating scale. For each criterion, there will be a possible five points available. For membership consideration, it is expected that a potential candidate should score a minimum of 18 points.

  • Executive level leadership/authority.
  • At least 7 years of management responsibility.
  • Minimum annual compensation of $100,000.
  • Proven record of service to the community
Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Direct the business full-time and be Chief Executive Officer.
  • In business at least 5 years under current registration, or have at least 7 years of management experience prior to starting the business.
  • Minimum company revenue of $1 million per year or daily billing rate of $1,000.
  • Proven record of service to the community
Not-for Profit/Government
  • Executive level leadership/authority; at least 7 years of management responsibility.
  • Agency should interact with the corporate/business community, be sizable in number of clients served, budget size and/or scope of service.
  • Proven record of service to the community.
Executive Volunteer/Philanthropist
  • Serves on significant corporate / not-for-profit boards.
  • Access to decision makers and those in roles of authority.
  • Demonstrated support of the advancement of women.
  • Proven record of service to the community
  • Retired individuals with record of high achievement in their profession
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Membership Dues & Fees

Membership dues are collected annually at the beginning of each program year, which runs from September to August. Dues for new members who join after January 1st are prorated to $100. In addition to dues, new members pay a one-time $50 New Member Fee.

Annual Membership Dues Structure

  • Regular (corporate, entrepreneur or non-profit) – $175
  • Emeritus OR Out-of-Town – $75
  • One-time $50 New Member Fee

Please pay dues by October 15th each year.